Watercolor Paper 100% Cotton 300gsm 140lb Cold Press 16x20" 5 sheets

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Weight: 1 lb


100% cotton rag paper is made using cotton rags which have long fiber than linters, thus giving exceptional strength and durability. Cotton contains more than 90 % of alpha cellulose which imparts high degree of permanence.

Paper: Water color paper.
Weight: 140 lb/300 GSM, 210/450 GSM, 300 lb/640 GSM.
Material: 100 % Cotton Handmade paper.
Color: Ivory White.
PH: Neutral (Acid free).
Sizing: Internal (Neutral sizing additive) External (gelatin tub sizing).
Finish: Cold Presses with 4 Natural Deckle edges.
Calcium Carbonate Reserve: Buffered optimally.
Application: Water color, pencil charcoal, gauche and acrylic (please apply gesso before painting). Watermarked with `Indigo Artpapers`.