Rhino Self Healing Cutting Mat Rhino Cutting Mat 5 Feet X 12 Feet

155 by Rhino
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Trimming digital prints and sheet goods has never been easier! The super size, self-healing mat is perfect for your production tables. Now you can cut razor straight on this thick, seamless mat.

Available with alignment grid sheets, this translucent, non-glare mat looks great while it functions effortlessly. Make a cut, then another cut a hair away, mat doesn't gouge so every cut is flawlessly straight. 4 x 2 & 4 x 8 sizes are available with 1" alignment grids with scales. All other sizes are available with 1" alignment grids only.

***NOTE Due to oversize we will call with shipping quote before proceeding with order.**********


  • UPC: 076769155008
  • Weight: 55 pounds
  • Dimensions: 61 × 13 × 13 inches