Karat Soft Pastel Chalk - Set of 24 Colors

2430 C24 by Staedtler Mars
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Our Price: $15.03
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Weight: 1 lb


For exact details and delicate shading - ideal for school and hobby use!
Our STAEDTLER karat soft pastel chalks are extremely impressive thanks to their superb color brilliancy and easy handling.
Their excellent blending qualities make it no trouble at all to create subtle transitions of shade or to produce bold outlines sharply contrasting to gently hued areas.
Our excellent premium-quality soft pastel chalks for effective transitions of color are particularly popular with schoolgoers, students and artists
Our pastel chalks can be blended with water, used to create gently hued areas and are excellent for combining with watercolors, red chalk, charcoal and acrylic paints
We recommend the use of rough-surfaced paper or special pastel paper
Brilliant colors
High degree of lightfastness
Soft, smooth performance
Excellent blending qualities
Especially break-resistant
10 x 10 x 70 mm
Crayons available individually in 12 colors: -0, -10, -20, -24, -29, -31, -37, -42, -58, -6, -74, -9 or in sets of 12, 24, 36 or 48 colors in high-quality cardboard box