Vinyl Stick-On Letters and Numbers 1/4" Black

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Each of these packages of professional quality yet economical vinyl letters contains a complete alphabet and/or numerics for labeling and identification both indoors and out. Easy-to-use, they're great for graphic arts, office or home use. Sheet packs are 9" x 12". Also available are blank vinyl sheets for cutting your own shapes and a plastic positioning grid used for evenly spacing and aligning characters.
Matrix: There are 8 of numbers 0-9
Caps: A-76, B-12, C-11, D-14, E-52, F-14, G-13, H-13, I-51, J-8, K-11, L-16, M-13, N-18, O-44, P-12, Q-4, R-15, S-15,
T-17, U-37, V-10, W-10, X-5, Y-12, Z-7
Lower: a-37, b-11, c-22, d-17, e-34 f-14, g-17, h-16, i-34, j-12, k-12, l-34, m-15, n-18, o-25, p-13, q-3, r-17, s-16, t-16, u-19, v-13, w-9, x-5, y-11, z-7


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  • Dimensions: 13 × 9 × 0.1 inches